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Our Patrons

Khumbula Thina Inc. is a registered United States 501(C)3 Not-for-Profit Private Operating Foundation.


We acknowledge with grateful thanks the very generous donations made to Khumbula Thina Inc. a USA-registered 501(C)3 not-for-profit Private Operating Foundation.
The Company's IRS returns may be examined with 24 hours notice at the offices of their accountants: Thomas A. Close, CPA  of
Bradley, Thomas & Matthew Close, Certified Public Accountants, PLLC
Berkeley Springs, WV  25411     304-258-4742

We have been given kind permission to mention by name the following Donors. Donors who opted to remain anonymous – We thank you for your goodness and trust. God Bless you all!

Lockheed Martin Corp.
Washington DC - USA.
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Vayo
Bar Harbour Maine - USA.
$ 995,000.00
Mr. & Mrs. Richard K Cook - USA. $370,000.00
Fleur Wales-Baillie - USA.past 7 years $420,000.00
Gregg C. Sengstack
CEO Franklin Electric
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
Electric Water Pumps
Mrs. Ada Shissler
Sanibel, Florida, USA.

*To all of our Patrons, your generosity is above all measure.

Khumbula Thina Wildlife Sanctuary is a SA registered Corporation under code Section 21 (not-for-profit)
It is the International arm of Khumbula Thina, Inc.
For the past 24 years ---we have realized the Purposes for which we were formed in The Kingdom of The Zulu, SA.

We acknowledge with grateful thanks the patronage made to Khumbula Thina Wildlife Sanctuary by Khumbula Thina Inc. WV, USA. ( 1994 - 2017)
The Founder and Volunteer CEO has contributed at least $60,000 of her own funds each and every year, not including expenses, for the past seventeen years. Previous to that, she met almost all of the expenses of the Wildlife Sanctuary from her personal funds.

SA Support:

We likewise acknowledge with thanks the contribution of time expended by Volunteers and others who have assisted us in our endeavours.
Thanks in particular for contributions of winter feed for our wildlife by maize farmers Gerhardus “Hardu” Prinsloo and Karel Senekal.
Our appreciation goes to Eugene of "On Site Computers" Richards Bay for their time and courtesy.
To the rescue! - Alwyn Wentzel of Thanda Private Game Reserve - for assisting us with their TLB in creating a waterhole for the stray, wounded “Hannes the Hippo”.

We thank the SA Police and “The Hawks”, formerly "The Scorpions", for their ongoing assistance for the protection of the Foundations' Wildlife and wellbeing.

Particular acknowledgements go to the following Board of Directors of Khumbula Thina, Inc. USA and Khumbula Thina Wildlife Sanctuary, SA for their Volunteer support through the years.

Board of Directors:
Tom Smoot, III Esq. P.A. Florida, USA
Raj Naidoo of California, USA
Paul Idelsohn of Leon, France
Mrs. Janet Cuthbertson, SA

Board of Advisors:
Jim Fowler, New York, USA (Wild Kingdom)
Hon. James A. Symington - Circuit Court Judge, US House of Representatives
Hon. Richard V. Allen - National Security Advisor for Ronald Reagan

Special mention goes to our friends and advisors Mr. & Mrs. David and Dawn Irons of Bethesda, KZN, SA. They have taken a personal interest in, and extended their support and knowledge for the wellbeing of both Foundations.

In conclusion it is significant that the success and achievements of Khumbula Thina Inc and Khumbula Thina Wildlife Sanctuary objectives could never have been reached without the vision and dedication of our Founder & Volunteer CEO Ms. Fleur Wales-Baillie. Her determined and relentless pursuit of the Vision to ensure the Ethos of .... The Land ....Its People ....Its Wild ....has been successfully achieved through diligent application.

*Ms. Wales-Baillie's central objective has been to ensure fair and legal distribution of United Sates’ funds and interests.

Distribution of Funds (*doc file)

Examples of Projects spearheaded by Khumbula Thina Trust, USA in the United States and Southern Africa

Organized the first trails for previously disadvantaged children.
Built a lecture hall for environmental education.
Built a schoolroom for environmental education.
Purchased a Mann Truck for Kruger National Park to use for Transport and Relocation of elephant and rhino.
Sponsored and supported veterinarians in their studies of the environment and wildlife.
Rescued animals, both domestic and wild, from starvation and inhumane treatment.
Purchased habitat for the protection of the gopher tortoise on Sanibel Island, Florida.
Supported exotic wildlife sanctuaries in Florida.
Financed C.R.O.W. in Durban South Africa.
Purchased land in South Africa to form a Game Preserve from where the Trust could operate and manage its own projects through its own foundation,  Khumbula Wildlife Sanctuary (The Kafunga Foundation), a Section 21 not-for-profit charitable organization.
Purchased and relocated wildlife to The Trust's Preserve.
Provided counseling for diseases such as malaria and the HIV virus.
Provided job opportunities and environmental education in the Community.

DESIDERATA - Sanctuary essentials

Daily & Recurring Expenditures: 

Winter (drought) feed - alfalfa/lucerne, game pellets, salt licks
Water System Maintenance - 24/7 - High Priority
Electricity for Well/Borehole Pumps
Fence - Electric, Solar
Staff (game guards, maintenance, cleaners) - wages, uniforms
Staff Accomodation - Maintenance
Roads - grading, erosion control
Vegetation - removal of invasives
Firebreaks - along fence lines, roads, and buildings
Security & AntiPoaching - cameras, drones, firearms, spot lights
Vehicles, Agri-Implements, Tools & Fuel
First Aid Kits
Air Fares - United States/SA

Future Expenditures:

As Khumbula Thina Trust has achieved its goals in the creation and successful operation of a Wildlife Sanctuary - our objectives include:
  • The establishment and support of a significant Wildlife Treatment Center, Research Center & Orphanage. This will be realized for the continuation of biodiversity in perpetuity for the Fauna and Flora in southern Africa.
  • Completion of a lodge, bungalows and tented accommodation. These will house Medical and Research Staff, Educators, Students, Volunteers and Wildlife Caregivers.

Please go see our unique water system - WATER SYSTEM

NOTE: All Donations will be replied to in the form of a Letter of Thanks from
The Trust for the tax-deductible amount to a West Virginia, U.S.A.
Registered 501(C)3 not-for-profit Private Operating Foundation. 

Enquiries can be directed by  email.

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